What is MYVA

A versatile tablet app used by vacation hosts to help guests make the most of their holiday. A local tourist guide for shops, restaurants, and places of interest. A holiday home instruction manual. A catalogue of recommended activities. A digital concierge where guests order services with a few clicks. All of this and more, in one app.


Hosts: go digital and get rid of all the flyers and catalogues! Offer better service, recommend places to eat, beaches to swim or sights to visit. Connect your guests with the most reliable service providers.

Guests: find out about the area, and choose how to maximise your holiday! Get access to services that can be purchased easily with a few clicks. Where hotels use concierges, holiday homes use MYVA.

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Pricing packages

APP only

  • yearly fee
  • 120 €

iOS device

  • yearly fee
  • 260 €


  • yearly fee
  • 200 €

Download the app

Discover what MYVA offers, by downloading our free demo version.

Clients feedback

We use it for our villa and the guests love it! It's reliable, accurate, easy to use and it simplifies the entire process of welcoming guests by introducing them with the house, location, places of their interest and so much more! We highly recommend it to anyone involved in hospitality management!

Alen - villa owner

We can proudly say to have been one of the first users of this marvelous APP. Although last year it was just a beta version, the feedbacks of the numerous people that stayed in our accommodations were far more than positive. The user friendly interface and the rich offer behind it had them use the APP times and times over, searching for the best places to go and new things to purchase.No doubt we will be using it again and we highly recommend it to anybody who wants to step up their game and be part of the innovation.

Arsen - destination manager from Croatia

Very useful tool for guests and great user experience. Found a lot of interesting stuff to do in the vicinity. Definitely would suggest this to other house owners.

Nenad - app user

Get in touch

If you wish to be a part of the MYVA project, please contact us for further information. If you are a holiday home owner or a property manager, MYVA can be a valuable addition to your business. Guests who have tried it love MYVA, because it makes their holiday richer and simpler. If you try it, we are sure you will love it too!